Wheel We Meet? 滾動相遇

“Wheel we Meet? ” is an experiential and volunteering programme held by Wheel Power Challenge, which wishes to advocate for an inclusive and barrier-free society. Since the establishment in 2014, we have organised 20+ experimental programmes for 500+ participants to experience our local communities from a different perspective.

Programme Objectives

  • To experience the challenging environment faced by people with impairments every day.
  • To collect accessibility data for online maps used by wheelchair users and the community.
  • To enhance the awareness of social inclusion.
  • To enhance mutual respect, empathy, trust and collaboration with people from different walks of life.

Programme Content

  • Participants will be divided into one of the below programme, small groups with 3-4 people each. During the community travel, you are advised to pay close attention to the surrounding environmental design, accessibility information, and record your routes.
  • A facilitator will guide the participants at the debriefing along with sharing from specific groups in which participants are encouraged to reflect on the journey, share their insights, and learn from each other.
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