Wheel To Beach 滾動落海

Funded by the SIE Fund, supported by Direction Association for the Handicapped and Impact Incubator, Wheel Power Challenge is organizing “Wheel To Beach 滾動落海” event on 26th and 29th June in Repulse Bay Beach. Wheelchair users can now ride on the beach and feel our great ocean with friends and families! Welcome any individuals to enroll, enjoy summer fun on the beach with families and friends at a discount price! You can choose one of the following time slots. Each time slot can have up to 3 wheelchair users to participate. First-come-first-served, fill in the form and JOIN US now! 

26/6 (Wed), 29/6 (Sat), 1 July (Mon), 7/7 (Sun), 9/7 (Tue), 14/7 (Sun), 28/7 (Sun)
You may choose one of timeslots: 9:30-12:00 or 12:30-3:00. 

Fee: HK$200 / wheelchair user (free for companions)

Enrollment form: https://bit.ly/302WadB
Please fill in the enrollment form and we will get in touch with you asap. Thank you for your support! For group enrollment by NGOs, please do not hesitate to contact us at project@wheelpowerchallenge.org for further discussion.

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For enquiry: project@wheelpowerchallenge.org
For more details: https://www.facebook.com/wheelpowerchallenge

Frequently Asked Questions

      1. What can I do with the beach wheelchair? 在沙灘輪椅上,我可以做什麼?

        • You can walk around the beach and float on the sea (shallow area). You don’t have to go to the water if you don’t want to, you may just get close to the shore with assistance from your companions.

        • 你可以在沙灘漫步、玩沙,或在海上漂浮(淺水區)。 如果不想出海是沒問題的,你可選擇在同行者幫助下靠近海邊。

      2. What would I do during the event? 在活動期間,我會做什麼?

        • Each session lasts for 2.5 hours. You must go through a 30-minute safety training at the start, then you are free to use the beach wheelchair for a stroll along the beach or to float on the sea. You are advised to leave at least 30 minutes for shower and wrap up.

        • 每個時段需時約2.5 小時。前30分鐘工作人員會講解沙灘輪椅的安全措施及訓練。在剩餘時間,輪椅使用者及同行者可自由使用沙灘輪椅。建議預留約30分鐘沖涼、收拾物品。

      3. Can I bring my friends and family? 我可以帶同親友參加活動嗎?

        • Yes. In fact, each wheelchair user must be accompanied by at least 3 companions while using the beach wheelchair, please invite family and friends to join (companions must be able to assist wheelchair user to move and control the wheelchair). You are advised to have 1 more companion to help look after your belongings (including your own wheelchair). Please let us know in the enrollment form if you will have 4 friends/family members to accompany you. If not, we will try to arrange volunteers for you with advance notice.

        • For each booking, we can only accommodate 1 wheelchair user along with 3-4 companions. If you wish to participate with other wheelchair users, please book another slot of the same event by filling in a separate enrollment form.

        • For each event, we offer up to 3 spots for wheelchair user, each wheelchair user must be accompanied by a separate group of 3-4 companions. (For instance, if 2 wheelchair-using friends enrolled in the same event, they have to invite at least 6 companions to join together.)

        • 可以的。每輛沙灘輪椅需要至少3位同行者同時操作,請輪椅使用者邀請親友一同參與 (同行者須有能力自如地協助使用者移動及控制輪椅)。我們建議多安排1位同行者協助看顧個人物品 (包括你的輪椅)。請於表格告知會否有4位親友同行;如沒有,我們會嘗試安排義工幫忙。

        • 每一次報名只可包括1位輪椅使用者和3-4名同行者。 如你希望與其他輪椅使用者一起參加,請你和朋友分別填寫兩份報名表格。

        • 每次活動提供最多3個輪椅使用者名額,每位輪椅使用者必須由3-4名同行者陪同。(例子:如2名輪椅使用者參加同一活動,需要邀請至少6名同行者參與。)

      4. When and where would the events take place? 活動於何時、何地舉行?

        • Dates 日期: 26/6 (Wed), 29/6 (Sat), 1/7 (Mon), 7/7 (Sun), 9/7 (Tue), 14/7 (Sun), 28/7 (Sun)

        • Timeslots (Select either one) 時段(任擇其一): 9:30am-12:00pm or 12:30-3:00pm

        • Venue 地點:淺水灣泳灘 Repulse Bay Beach

      1. How much is the fee? How do I enroll? 費用是多少? 怎樣報名?

        • Funded by the SIE Fund, supported by Direction Association for the Handicapped and Impact Incubator, we are able to offer a discounted price in June and July.

        • Fee: HK$200 / wheelchair user (free for companions)

        • Please fill in the enrollment form, we will get in touch with you asap: https://bit.ly/302WadB

        • Available on a first-come-first-served basis.

        • 多得社創基金撥款資助、路向四肢傷殘人士協會及Impact Incubator全力支持,參加者可以優惠價試玩六月及七月的活動

        • 試玩至抵價:每位輪椅使用者 港幣$200 (同行親友免費)

        • 請於填妥此報名表格,我們會盡快與你聯絡:https://bit.ly/302WadB

        • 名額有限,先到先得。

      1. Am I suitable to participate? What is the physical requirement of using the beach wheelchair? 我適合參加嗎? 使用沙灘輪椅需要怎樣的身體狀況?

        • Over 18 years old (both the wheelchair user and their companions)

        • Weight of wheelchair user is below 300lbs / 136kg

        • No prior swimming experience required

        • Able to switch from your own wheelchair to a beach wheelchair independently or with mild assistance with good sitting balance (not in need of any machine assistance, e.g. hoist).

        • 輪椅使用者及同行者必須年滿18歲

        • 輪椅使用者的體重不超過300磅 / 136公斤

        • 不懂游泳也可參加

        • 能夠自行獨立或在他人輔助下(並同時不需要機器協助,例如:吊機),由自己輪椅轉換到沙灘輪椅坐下,並維持平衡地坐。

      1. Is the beach wheelchair safe? How does it function? 沙灘輪椅安全嗎?如何操作?

        • The beach wheelchair is a safe tool to let you enjoy the time on the beach and the sea

        • The beach wheelchair will be moved by the companions (note: it does not have a brake)

        • Each wheelchair user must be accompanied by at least 3 companions while using the beach wheelchair, the companions will assist wheelchair user to move and stabilize the beach wheelchair.

        • 沙灘輪椅是一件安全的工具,讓你享受在海灘的時間

        • 沙灘輪椅需由同行者移動(注意:沒有剎車功能)

        • 沙灘輪椅需要由同行者協助使用及在水中穩定平衡,不能單獨使用,使用時確保有至少三位同行者在旁隨時協助。

      1. What are the safety procedures I need to go through? 我需要進行哪些安全程序?

        • Before confirming participation, we will get in touch with the wheelchair user to understand more about the physical conditions to check if the wheelchair user is physically fit to join.

        • After confirming participation, wheelchair user and companions will attend a 30-minute safety training at the beginning of the event, check and confirm the beach wheelchair is in good condition, and sign an agreement before using the beach wheelchair.

        • Each wheelchair user must be accompanied by at least 3 companions while using the beach wheelchair.

        • Wheelchair user and companions must wear life jackets while in the water.

        • Wheelchair user must fasten seatbelt.

        • Companions will assist wheelchair user to move and stabilize the beach wheelchair, no matter it is on the beach or the sea.

        • For your own wheelchair, you are advised to have 1 more companion to help look after it, we can lend you a lock to lock the wheelchair along the fence if needed.

        • Basic insurance will be provided by us, participants are also suggested to buy their own insurance for the activity if they need more protection.

        • 收到報名資料後,我們會盡快跟已報名的輪椅使用者聯絡,了解更多該位輪椅使用者和同行者的身體狀況及無障礙安排需要,以便雙方決定是否合適參與是次沙灘輪椅活動。

        • 確認參與後,輪椅使用者和同行者將在活動開始時進行30分鐘的安全培訓,檢查和確認沙灘輪椅狀況良好,並在使用沙灘輪椅前簽署協議。

        • 每位輪椅使用者使用沙灘輪椅時,必須有至少3位同行者陪同。

        • 輪椅使用者和同行者在水中必須穿著救生衣。

        • 輪椅使用者必須扣好安全帶。

        • 不論在沙灘或海上,同行者都需要協助移動和穩定沙灘輪椅。

        • 至於輪椅使用者本身的輪椅,建議分配多一位同行者看管它。如有需要,我們可以借出車鎖,把輪椅鎖在欄杆。

        • 我們將提供基本保險。如需更多保障,建議自行購買保險。

      1. What do I have to prepare before going to the beach? 出發到沙灘前我要準備什麼?

        • Wear your swimsuit before coming to the beach

        • Bring an extra change of clothes

        • Bring and apply sunscreen on your face and body; you may bring hat, sunglasses, long sleeves and umbrella if you want more protection

        • Bring an extra towel or mat if you want something to sit on

        • If you need to take any medicine, bring them with you in a waterproof bag

        • Bring snacks and water bottle (there is water dispenser at the beach for refill)

        • Bring cash if you want to buy food or drinks at the beach

        • There are shower facilities at the beach, bring your own toiletries and towel to dry yourself

        • 請於出發前換上泳衣

        • 帶備另一套衣服,於活動後替換

        • 帶備並在臉部和身體外露部份搽上防曬乳液如需更多保護,可帶備帽子、太陽眼鏡、長袖衫褲和雨傘

        • 可帶備另一條毛巾或坐墊,以便墊在沙灘輪椅上坐

        • 如需服用任何藥物,請放入防水袋並隨身攜帶

        • 帶備零食、水果和水樽(泳灘有飲水機)

        • 如想在泳灘買食物或飲品,請帶備現金

        • 泳灘有淋浴設施,請自攜沐浴用品和毛巾

      1. What would happen if the weather is not stable? 如果天氣不穩定,活動安排如何?

        • If there are any rainstorm or thunderstorm signals, or typhoon signal No.3 or above in place 3 hours before the start of the event, the event will be postponed to the week after, at the same time. (For example, if the original event was on 29/6 at 9:30am-12:00pm, the rescheduled event will be held on 6/7 at 9:30am-12:00pm.)

        • 如有任何暴雨或雷暴警告訊號、或三號或以上颱風訊號在活動開始前三小時懸掛,活動須順延一星期,即於下一星期的同樣時間進行。(例子:如活動原定於 29/6上午9:30-下午12:00 舉辦,將順延至 6/7上午9:30-下午12:00)

      1. What would and would not be covered by the fee? 活動費用包括、不包括什麼?

        • The fee includes: Safety training, life jackets, beach wheelchair rentals and group personal accident insurance. If you need a shower wheelchair, please inform us in advance when you enroll, we will prepare a standard hand-push wheelchair.

        • The fee does NOT include: Transportation expense, breakfast/lunch and other personal items for the participants.

        • 活動費用包括:安全訓練、救生衣、沙灘輪椅租借及團體人身意外保險費。如需淋浴椅,請於報名時預先通知,我們會預備一部普通手推輪椅在淋浴間使用。

        • 活動費用不包括:參加者的交通費、早餐/午餐及其他個人用品及開支。

      1. How can I get to Repulse Bay? What are the accessibility facilities there? 如何前往淺水灣泳灘? 那裡有什麼無障礙設施?

        • You can take public transport to Repulse Bay, we will not provide transportation service.

        • You are recommended to take MTR to Hong Kong Station Exit D, then walk to Central (Exchange Square) bus stop. Take bus No. 6, 6A, 6X, 66 or 260 and get off at “Belleview Drive” bus stop. Take a 5-min walk to Repulse Bay Beach along the Beach Road.

        • For accessibility facilities at Repulse Bay, please refer to the information on Freeguider: https://www.freeguider.com/hk/venues/Repulse-bay-beach

        • 你可乘搭公共交通前往淺水灣泳灘,我們不提供交通服務。

        • 建議於港鐵香港站D出口,步行至中環交易廣場巴士總站,搭乘6、6A、6X、66或 260號巴士,於「麗景道」車站下車。再沿海灘道步行約5分鐘至淺水灣泳灘。

        • 有關淺水灣泳灘的無障礙設施,請參考Freeguider網站:https://www.freeguider.com/hk/venues/Repulse-bay-beach

    1. How much water and food should I bring? 我應該帶多少水和食物?

      • Please bring a water bottle and you can refill in the water dispenser for free. For food, there are kiosk, supermarket and restaurants at Repulse Bay but they are quite expensive and may not be convenient to access. We recommend you bringing some handy snacks and fruit.

      • 請攜帶一個水樽,泳灘有飲水機供免費加水。 食物方面,泳灘有小食亭、附近有超市和餐廳,但價錢較貴、可能不方便輪椅進入。 建議帶備一些小吃和水果。