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About Us and Our Vision

Established in late 2014, Wheel Power Challenge is a non-profit initiative which strives for co-creating an inclusive society for ALL.

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What is WheelPower?

WheelPower = (Experience, Explore, Embrace) x Our heart

Experience the characteristic way of life of our community; Explore the universal design of our society; Embrace the inherent beauty of our diversity.

Our Programme -
Wheel We Meet

"Wheel we Meet" is an experiential and volunteering programme for you to experience the challenging environment faced by people with mobility impairments every day.

Our Special - Wheel We Beach?

From zero to one, we are creating a wheelchair that allows wheelchair users to enjoy the beautiful beach and feel the sea themselves.

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We believe it is not only about us, it is about how you carry on our vision together. Let’s work out together!