Our Vision - Why we wheel?

Co-Founders of Wheel Power Challenge come from diverse walks of life but share the same vision. We envision a more empathetic and inclusive society for people with physical disabilities. We believe each of us can contribute to disability inclusion. We believe “Wheel Power and You” can become the real power to disability inclusion.

Wheel Power 滾動力量 = (Experience+Explore+Embrace+Empathy)

  • Experience the characteristic ways of life of our community.
  • Explore the environmental design of our society.
  • Embrace the inherent beauty of our diversity.
  • Be empathetic toward people from diverse backgrounds.

Our Mission - What we wheel?

We are committed to engaging everyone to co-create an empathetic and barrier-free society. We infuse a stream of “Wheel Power” to the society. We challenge stereotypes of wheelchairs. We bring about insights into the connections of the environmental design and our everyday life. We encourage everyone to reimagine wheeled mobility and environmental accessibility.

Our Strategy – How we wheel?

We believe changes and the build-up of Wheel Power comes from first-hand experiences. We strive our best to organize innovative kinds of experiential programmes using wheelchairs as the medium.

Flagship programmes:

  1. Wheel We Meet? 滾動相遇
  2. Wheel We Hike? 滾動上山
  3. Wheel To Beach 滾動落海
  4. Share A Wheel 輪住嚟玩

The flagship programmes can be flexibly adapted to fit four themes.

  1. Experiential programmes on wheelchair accessibility
  2. Accessibility assessment and adaptive wheelchair rental
  3. Sports empowerment programmes for people with physical disabilities
  4. School education and companies’ CSR or team-building programmes

Programme objectives that integrate the four elements of Wheel Power:

  1. To better understand the barriers faced by wheelchair users in daily life.
  2. To collect data of environmental accessibility for building online accessibility maps.
  3. To raise awareness about accessibility issues and social inclusion.
  4. To foster mutual respect, empathy, trust, and collaboration among people from diverse backgrounds.
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