Our Mission - Why we wheel?

  • Co-Founders of Wheel Power Challenge come from diverse walks of life, but share the same vision — to co-create an empathetic and barrier-free Hong Kong society. We believe experiential programs could challenge our stereotypes and bring about changes through our first-hand experiences of using wheelchairs to appreciate the community. We also believe each of us could contribute to the establishment of an inclusive society.
  • To infuse a stream of “WheelPower 滾動力量” to the society:
    • WheelPower = (Experience+Explore+Embrace) x Empathy
    • Experience the characteristic ways of life of our community;
    • Explore the environmental design of our society;
    • Embrace the inherent beauty of our diversity.
  • Since establishment, we have as organized 50+ experiential programs involving 1000+ participants to promote the message of social inclusion and barrier-free society. We have collaborated with a number of organizations, e.g. educational institutions, corporates, and NGOs for experiential programs or giving sharing on the concepts of “barrier-free society”, “accessibility”, and “social inclusion”.
  • Our highlighted experiential programs currently include Wheel We Meet? 滾動相遇”, “Wheel We Hike? 滾動上山“, and “Wheel To Beach 滾動落海”. We keep exploring different new possibilities of experiential programs for you all.
改變,從生活體驗開始 Changes come from our first-hand experiences.
Wheelpower 滾動力量 = (Experience, Explore, Embrace) x Our heart.
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